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abril 17, 2020by irenaz

28 routes to soak up Álava: waterfalls, lakes, pools, beaches and rivers.

Álava wants to take advantage of the natural landscapes that water creates to publicize the territory.

Water is very present in Álava. And not only because of the rain: The map of the territory is defined by the rivers that cross La Llanada Alavesa (Zadorra), Rioja Alavesa (Ebro) or the Ayala Valley (Nervión), among others. Rivers, lakes and waterfalls that make up unique natural landscapes. Landscapes that are complemented by the beaches of the reservoirs. The Salto del Nervión, the Gujuli Waterfall, the path of the Purón or the Nacedero de Caicedo-Yuso are some of these river wonders.

“The water offers and generates unique sensations, we like it and it makes us enjoy: we relax walking along a river or a beach, we smile when we discover a waterfall, we walk for hours to contemplate a waterfall and we love to enjoy a refreshing swim in summer. And Álava offers all this and much more «.



17-04-2020-Empápate de Álava




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