Valle Salado de Añana (Salt Valley)


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March 15, 2019by irenaz

The Salt Valley is a unique landscape in the world. A place used by the human being for thousands of years to obtain salt from its springs in salinas arranged in 5,500 terraces. Located 20 minutes from Vitoria-Gasteiz, your guided tours are an unforgettable experience.

Valle Salado de Añana is a cultural and natural salt landscape over 7,000 years old in the midst of a recovery process to restore its sustainability.

Under a public recovery approach, visitors of all ages and groups can enjoy various guided tours and experiences to learn about the history, architecture, archaeology and biodiversity of the salt works; they can produce and taste Añana Salt themselves and benefit from the therapeutic effects of salt water.

The “Valle Salado” visit is ideal for those who are visiting the salt farm for the first time or who wish to obtain an overall idea of the landscape, its importance and of the recovery and enhancement process.

Between April and October, this visit includes the possibility of enjoying the outdoor Salt Spa. A facility where you can submerge your feet and hands in hypersaline waters from the springs. You will feel the beneficial effects of salt water.

Combine your “Valle Salado” tour with other experiences, such as the “Salt Workshop” of the “Salt Tasting” sessions.



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