Slow food recognises Añana Salt with an international cuisine “presidium”.


Vitoria-Gasteiz Slow food recognises Añana Salt with an international cuisine “presidium”.

March 13, 2020by irenaz

Slow food is an international organisation that encourages the eating of quality food produced and prepared using traditional methods.

It is precisely the quality of the salt extracted in Añana and its link to ancient tradition and usage that led the international Slow Food foundation to award it one of the distinctions the organisation reserves for very special products of exceptional value all over the world.

The Añana Salt Valley is a very special place (and less than half an hour away from Vitoria-Gasteiz) where salt continues to be extracted using the ancient technique of terraces or “eras”. The landscape this has created is outstanding, as is the quality of the salt, obtained in a variety of forms depending on the kind of evaporation involved. The terraces where the brine evaporates to leave the salt, climbing up one over the other, form a unique landscape which is attracting larger numbers of visitors every year.

Recognition by the Slow Food organisation can only help Añana’s “white gold” to carve out a place in the most select international gastronomic circles.


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